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Cylinder Liners And Sleeves

Providing highest quality product

The manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated from raw material stage to finished product stage, using sophisticated programmable logically controlled equipments

Our Cylinder Liners are made from Centrifugal Casting Process. Shell Moulding Casting method is used for Air Cooled Blocks (Ribbed Liners)

Technical Specifications

• Raw Material Normal composition shall be as per ASTM A-159 (G-1800 to G-4000) grade

• Hardness Min 200 BHN Max 280 BHN

• Tensile Strength 25 kgf /

• Micro structure:
- Matrix Fine Lamellar & Sorbitic Pearlite
- Graphite “A” & “B” Type
- Free Ferrite Max. 5%
- Flake Size 4-6

• Surface Roughness - Ra/Rx value as may be required

• Dimension:
- Inner diameter: 60 mm to 180 mm
- Outer diameter: 72 mm to 220 mm
- Length: Up to 400 mm

• Finishing:
- Phosphating
- Chrome Hardening ( Inner and Outer Diameter)

Product Range

Our world class automotive components cater to a wide range of customers across the world.

We have a product range of more than 1600 types of Wet & Dry Cylinder Liners and Air Cooled Blocks (Ribbed Liners)

Our Cylinder Liners are suitable for:
- Cars & MUVs - Cars (Compact, Mid-sized, Saloon, Sedan), SUVs and MUVs
- Commercial Vehicles - Light, Medium and Heavy Trucks, Pick-up Vans etc.
- Tractors
- Other applications - Suitable for Compressor Engines, Marine and Diesel Engines, Generators & Earth Moving Equipments

Our range can also be defined in terms of application suitable for Indian, German, European, American, Japanese and Korean vehicles

Our range comprises of components suitable for


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